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Shocking Cruelty Against a Dog Called Puppy Doe Brings Calls for Change

Editor's note: This post contains material that wil...

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New ASPCA Exhibit Spotlights the Horrors of Dog Fighting

The ASPCA exhibit “Dog Fighting: The Voiceless Victims” is a harrowing but necessary look at the evils of dog fighting....

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How to Reach Out to a Stray or Lost Dog

Tips on how to approach a lost or stray dog....

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Ask a Vet: Is It Safe for Dogs to Share Thanksgiving Feasts?

Most Thanksgiving foods are okay in moderation, but it's the extras in some foods -- and excessive consumption -- that cause dogs problems....

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Nip Puppy Nipping in the Bud!

The internet truly is a miraculous thing. Through my work and blogging, I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing dog owners from all......

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Has Your Adult Dog Ever Started Peeing in the House for No Apparent Reason?

I waited until it was dark and turned off all the lights in the house, then I searched with a blacklight -- sure enough, I found pee....

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Watch Kellar the Blind Dog Play Fetch Like a Pro

These videos show how Kellar relies on a series of verbal commands to guide him, proving that special needs animals make great pets....

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Watch a Beagle Heat Chicken Nuggets in a Toaster Oven

How many dogs just help themselves to what's in the oven? Besides the dog in this video, we mean....

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Win a Copy of My Book and See Photos of "Beautiful Old Dogs"

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and Dogster has 2 copies for this giveaway....


Bronte the Dog Lost a Leg -- But She Gained a Home

Bronte the stray dog was hit by a car and lost her leg but there is more to her story......

Open uri20140612 26021 1rc5zqi article

A Pack of Dogs Ran Over Me -- Here's What I Wish I'd Done

I now prepare and protect myself after being pretty seriously injured in an incident at a dog park....

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In China's Forbidden City, Dogs Lived the Good Life

Do you love dressing up your dog? Take a look at how the Chinese emperors did it....


Frogger, The Dog Who Was Thrown Onto a Freeway and Broke His Back, Recovers

It seems impossible to imagine a dog with a broken back being able to survive or even walk again, but miracles happen....

Open uri20140612 26021 x9curx article

THIS Is Dedication: Professional Dog Walker Plunges Through Ice in Central Park to Save a Dog

"It didn't occur to me to do anything different," she said. "I couldn't watch him die."...

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Here Are the Best April Fools' Day Dog Jokes We Found

Did April Fools' Day go to the dogs? Of course it did. They're dogs. And they're funny....