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Specialties include: retail and franchise owners, veterinary and pet care, real estate, auto safety, real estate, personal profiles, blog posts, content marketing strategy. I am Hubspot certified.

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Volunteer Puppy Love: Raising a Service Dog

Service groups rely on volunteers to socialize their dogs. Could you be a puppy raiser?...

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4 Fun Pets for Your Empty Nest

Birds, rabbits, fish and even rats can add color and companionship to your home....

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6 Best Small Dogs for Your Empty Nest

These smaller dogs are more manageable than larger breeds but still full of energy and affection....

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Bad Dog or Wrong Owner? Challenging Pets for Anyone Aging in Place

Size, energy, noise, grooming needs and risks of illness may rule out certain pets....

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8 Great Ways to Exercise With Your Pet

From doga to Treibball to skijoring, these fun new activities can get you and your dog in great shape....

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10 Ways You Can Help Pets in Need

From foster owners to marketing veterans, animal shelters need people with time, skill and a love of pets....